Block-modular buildings

NAO-Energy LLP manufactures a wide range of products for Oil and Gas, Industrial and Telecommunication sectors of country.

Block-modular buildings

The block-modular building (BMZ) is a steel module of collapsible or non- separable types for placing transformer substations (TP), complete switchgears (KRU), as well as other electric and power equipment used for industrial, residential and infrastructure facilities.

The company "NAO-Energy" produces Block-Modular buildings (BMB) of three main types:

  • all-welded BMZ, non-separable;
  • all-welded BMZ, demountable, from individual modules;
  • frame BMZ with enclosing structures in the form of "sandwich panels", demountable and non-separable.

Regardless of the adopted version, all designs and parts of BMB are performed taking into account high technical requirements, based on SNiP RK 5.04-23-2002, GOST 23274-84, GOST 22853-86, etc.

Based on the terms of reference, upon the request of the customer, BMB can be equipped with additional systems and equipment for complex operation. These may include:

  • electric lighting and the system of own needs;
  • heating, ventilation and air conditioning system;
  • fire alarm system;
  • rounding system;
  • lightning protection system;
  • stairs and service areas.

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