Construction and installation works

NAO-Energy LLP realizes a wide range of services:

  • Design of low and high voltage systems and equipment, control and automation system, block-modular buildings and other metal structures;

  • Production of low, medium and high voltage equipment, control system equipment, block-modular buildings, metal structure etc.;

  • Supply of electrical and power equipment;

  • Project supervision;

  • Construction and installation works;

  • Installation and commissioning works of electrical equipment, fire safety and of HVAC systems.

Construction and installation works

The company "NAO-Energy" realizes variuos types of contruction and installation works, including:

  • Construction of engineering networks and systems, including overhaul and reconstruction (power supply networks and external and internal electric lighting devices);

  • Installation of process equipment, commissioning (communication, emergency protection, control and alarm systems, power and water supply facilities, metering and control devices for production purposes, etc.);

  • Special works in soils (base equipment);

  • The erection of load-bearing and enclosing structures of buildings and structures, including major repairs and reconstruction (installation of building structures of lifting structures, roofing works, installation of metal structures, installation of building structures of tower and mast type, etc.);

  • Special construction and installation works on laying of linear structures, including overhaul and reconstruction (main transmission lines with voltage up to 110kV and above, communication and telecommunications lines, steel tanks, including pressure vessels, oil and gas pipelines, etc.)

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