NAO-Energy LLP realizes a wide range of services:

  • Design of low and high voltage systems and equipment, control and automation system, block-modular buildings and other metal structures;

  • Production of low, medium and high voltage equipment, control system equipment, block-modular buildings, metal structure etc.;

  • Supply of electrical and power equipment;

  • Project supervision;

  • Construction and installation works;

  • Installation and commissioning works of electrical equipment, fire safety and of HVAC systems.


NAO-Energy LLP manufactures a wide range of electrical products and metal structures, equipped with electrical system and equipment upon the request. The main sector of use of the product are the companies in Oil and Gas, Energy and Telecommunication areas of industry.

Production is carried out on its own production facilities (about 5000 m2) or in the areas of partner plants.

The production capabilities include:

  • Electric installation work;
  • Laser cutting of metal;
  • Welding works;
  • Anticorrosive / painting works;
  • And etc.

Professional certified technical control specialists conduct mandatory internal quality control at each stage of production process

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