Supply equipment

NAO-Energy LLP realizes a wide range of services:

  • Design of low and high voltage systems and equipment, control and automation system, block-modular buildings and other metal structures;

  • Production of low, medium and high voltage equipment, control system equipment, block-modular buildings, metal structure etc.;

  • Supply of electrical and power equipment;

  • Project supervision;

  • Construction and installation works;

  • Installation and commissioning works of electrical equipment, fire safety and of HVAC systems.

Supply equipment

NAO-Energy realizes direct supplies of electrical and power equipment and of cable products from plant- manufacturers as HENSEL+MENNEKES Electro, Prysmian, Siemens and etc.

The list of supplied equipment includes:

  • High-voltage / medium-voltage / low-voltage equipment;
  • Distribution low-, medium-, high-voltage devices;
  • Power converters and inventory;
  • Low voltage and medium voltage drives, frequency control, soft start;
  • Means of measurement, sensors, gas analyzers, scanners;
  • Electric motors;
  • Low-voltage converters;
  • Converters of medium voltage source;
  • Reducing frequency converters of alternating voltage.

The list of supplied equipment includes:

  • Automation (automation systems, operator control and monitoring systems, identification systems, industrial communication systems, production control systems, software, etc.);
  • Programmable Logic Controllers;
  • Fire alarm and security systems;
  • Gas and steam turbines;
  • Compressors;
  • Generators with air, hydrogen and water cooling;
  • Cable production;
  • Electrical and cable accessories;
  • Cable trays and cable glands.

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