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Core Values

The main values for NAO-ENERGY are honesty, professionalism and safety of employees. The company builds its plans and prospects with these core values in mind.

Ethics. NAO-Energy does not accept the behavior of its employees who do not comply with the company’s code of ethics. This applies to both internal interactions and interaction with customers and partners. Absolutely unacceptable are corruption and irresponsibility. The NAO believes that only a long-term policy can lead to sustainable development and avoids shortcuts.

Professional Development. NAO hires the best engineers and invests in development. The company’s main product is sophisticated engineering equipment. Only a professional support policy can ensure your long-term success.

Safety. NAO’s core value is the lives and health of its employees. Production safety is the highest priority of the NAO. The absence of accidents at work is considered a key achievement of any project.

Since establishment, NAO has 0 LTI during the project implementation stage. We are proud of this achievement and hope to keep the safety record same.