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Engineered Equipment

Package Modular Solutions — advantages

Modern industrial projects are implemented with an emphasis on quality and safety of production. One of the main ways to implement this policy is to reduce production operations on the construction site. Vivid example of such a project is the FGP/WPMP project implemented by Tengizchevroil. Most of the production operations were carried out at specialized production sites, then the finished modules were delivered to the construction site.

This approach offers the following advantages:

  • The quality of products increases, as production is carried out on a specialized site
  • Reduced labor intensity on the construction site, which leads to a reduction in injuries
  • The competencies of a specialized contractor that manufactures a modular product are being developed

Following the current production trend, NAO-Energy provides design, procurement, manufacturing, logistics and delivery of complex finished products to the Customer’s facilities. NAO’s capabilities enable customers to achieve their goals in terms of quality and production safety.