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Local Content / Sustainable development

NAO ENERGY is a registered Kazakhstan enterprise with the authorized capital owned by a citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Absolutely all tax deductions of the company are made in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Also, all investments are directed to the long-term development of the enterprise in Kazakhstan.

A high-quality contribution to the development of local content is a full cycle of complex engineering and production services provided in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Absolutely all employees of the company are citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan content success story

Project KC background
Project KC roadmap has been developed in IQ2019, identifying locally produced substations as project KC legacy. Project Team is showing great support to KC, utilizing local goods and services at the highest extent.

Goods KC
Local IOR substations-Local supplier,delivered to Tengiz(50.04% KC)
Local RIE’s- Local supplier, delivered to Tengiz(55.78% KC)
Local HPS enclosures – Local supplier will be shipped soon (KC TBD)
Fencing gates- Local supplier (67.19% KC)
Pipe supports – Local supplier
HDPE pipes – Local supplier (63.2% KC)
Impact on Project Gooods KC – 208%

Sevices KC
Construction Civil (Water source well sites)-Local contractor
Construction Civil (Injection well sites)-Local contractor
Overhead lines and fiber optic installation- Local contractor
Piping and Mechanical – Local contractor
Glass Reinforced Epoxy pipeline – Local branch
Electrical & Instrumentation – Local contractor
Engineering- 2 Local engineering contractors. Project has been closely working with engineering contractor to guarantee on-time execution
Expertizing- Local contractor
Impact on Project Goods KC – 45%



Junction Box Frames and Instrument Stands-NAO ENERGY LLP

In November 2016 FGP awarded Purchase Contract to NAO-Energy LLP for Engineering and Supply of Junction Box Frames, Instrument Stands and Panel Support, Junction Frames, Instrument Stands and Panel Support to support multiple Project areas such as Production MWP’s and Metering Stations, Sour Gas Injection Utilities, Injection Reception, Main Utilities, Injection Plant Islands, injection Flares, Flare& HC Drains, Gas Injection MWP’s, Process Plant , Sour Water, Crude Export, Crude Storage, Handling & Metering, Pressure Boost Facility, 3GP Reception and General Field Development. Kazakhstan.

The Project team recommended NAO-Energy LLP for award, as its was the most attractive Bid proposal:
Fully compliance with Project technical specifications
The most commercially attractive proposal
The most suitable lead-time and best option for delivery items
As well as the highest KC proposal at 77.53% due to manufacturing of the frames and galvanizing performance.

Initial PO released for supply of 300 Instrument Stands and 195 pre-fabricated assemblies and due to further design changes, unplanned works and emergency steel works among various Project teams, additional governance funding requested to cover the outstanding supplements for Frames through to 2019 and 2020. Project to date over 11,000 Instrument stands/supports been supplied by NAO-Energy to FGP.

This Success Story is the result of hard work by the Project Procurement, Engineering and KC teams. Intensive cooperation between NAO-Energy and FGP teams helped to increase capability of small Kazakhstani Company to meet TCO standards and became the most attractive supplier of materials to FGP. In order to supply of Junction Box Frames, Instrument Stands and Panel Supports as per Project schedule, NAO-Energy made a huge investment in procurement of row materials and logistics as well as procured galvanic bath for zinc that fully comply FGP technical requirements.

As a result of Bidding to FGP, NAO-Energy LLP improved capacity and became the most suitable supplier of materials to FGP since 2016 and continuous supply of Instrument Stands and pre-fabricated assemblies created many jobs opportunity for National and transfer of the galvanizing technology as per TCO standards.

NAO-Energy believes that the main legacy of the company will be the competencies that the company and its employees will have. NAO-Energy supports all its partners and sub-suppliers in their efforts to develop quality and increase local content.